Integrated Development: Scope of Services

Project Development

  • Holistic approach: When developing PV plants in our network, we take all regulatory,  legal, technical, and economic factors into consideration.
  • We invest in local development partnerships and contribute our international expertise, from site selection and permitting to grid connection and PPA´s


  • We deliver comprehensive financing models based on our  multi-source financing experience  and powerful internal project 
  • At the same time, we maintain excellent relationships with banks,  investors, buyers, development finance institutions (DFIs), and export credit agencies (ECAs).

Engineering, Procurement  and Construction

  • We specialize in comprehensive EPC solutions for clients around Our expertise is centered on maximizing energy yields and plant reliability through superior design and high-quality component selection.
  • Ensuring strong operational and financial performance based on our engineering are key aspects of our engineering services.

Operation and Maintenance

Throughout the operational lifetime, we continuously maximize power generation and minimize  We control expenses by ensuring fewer repairs, faster recoveries, and less downtime.

Asset management

We take over the entire management of the plant. This  includes managing technical and  administrative processes, verifying  contractual obligations, and  managing supplier and customer


Amsterdam – Netherlands


Istanbul – Turkey

Working Hours

Saturday – Friday
9 A.M – 5 P.M