Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Commitments

Corporate Social Responsibility policies and programs evolve with the business to ensure that they are in balance with stakeholder needs and business performance.

Our Commitment to Local People

Whenever possible we work with our companies to ensure that, either directly or indirectly, local personnel is given priority in employment at work locations. In the markets we serve we focus on professional exchanges that are intended to improve the capacity and skills of all works to achieve exponential growth in knowledge and overall economic activity and new business enterprises. 

Institutions and Infrastructure

We focus on programs and initiatives that benefit local communities through the enhancement of institutions and long term infrastructure. Among these focus areas are initiatives that provide education for children, young adults, adults, and seniors in addition to other issues including vulnerable members of society, healthcare, nutritional needs, academic knowledge and skills development, entrepreneurial activities, and leveraging arrangements for inclusion in societal programs. We are committed to energy efficiency and the beneficial use of electricity services.

The Smart Energy Revolution

As far as the electricity transmission and distribution segments are concerned, the increasing adoption of computing intelligence and networking ability to the existing conventional networks (smart grid solutions) is allowing electric utilities to better control their networks.


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