Global Power Sector

Emerging Markets are Leading Demand for Power Generation

Emerging markets are expected to lead demand growth, driven by economic and population upward dynamics and increased electrification, mainly in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America In contrast, most of the developed countries are experiencing a decline in demand due to slowing economic growth, efficiency gains, growing demand-side management, and with the advent of energy-saving technologies. Mainly African countries have the real potential for energy.

Technology is leaning towards renewable energies

There is a major global shift towards renewable energy sources as renewable energy has increasing efficiencies. It is projected that solar will be the dominant technology within the renewable market space. In conventional power generation, gas is projected to drive future capacity growth because it is capable of providing a quick and clean source of baseload capacity and growing rapidly due to environmental challenges for coal and nuclear technologies.

Greenfield Energy Developments in Emerging Markets

Most of the new greenfield developments are expected to derive from emerging economies.  Governments are increasingly seeking private sector participation in the power sector to meet demand especially in emerging markets, where the unbundling of vertically integrated government-owned entities is underway.

The Smart Energy Revolution

As far as the electricity transmission and distribution segments are concerned, the increasing adoption of computing intelligence and networking ability to the existing conventional networks (smart grid solutions) is allowing electric utilities to better control their networks.

Asset management

We take over the entire management of the plant. This  includes managing technical and  administrative processes, verifying  contractual obligations, and  managing supplier and customer

Trends in the Power Sector

Improvements in technology and communication systems are producing a major shift in the power industry towards the use of new and efficient systems with the support of new technology.


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